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Since P2715Q was on sales, I thought to myself, mmm, 4K, IPS, 60Hz, and it is Dell, why not? Of course that results in a heavy box outside the door...

And....I was naive enough to think that, a little NUC can power this 4k beast. So I connect it via DisplayPort, and it works! But if I try to play videos on YouTube >1080p. well...Slideshows happened. CPU was maxed out. Then I tried my mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15", better, but still no cigar... Well, time for a new computer

This is the configuration in mind:

  • Intel Xeon-D 1540 (with whatever motherboard)
  • > 32 GB RAM
  • Fast SSD is a must (I have a spare Intel 730. 750 was considered but the heat was just stupid)
  • Silverstone ft03-mini for case

Since I'm planning to use a Xeon-D (8 CORES! I don't care what people say, but EIGHT CORES), it would be a mini-itx, and it so happened that a Silverstone ft03-mini looks pretty nice...

Xeon-D 1

Xeon-D 2

However, due to the space constraint of the case, the most powerful graphic card I can put with a blower cooler is an EVGA GTX 970 SC, and...

Xeon-D 3

Xeon-D 4

The space is really tight..Of course, the glamorous 64GB of DDR4 ECC RAM...

Xeon-D RAM

Xeon-D RAM Installed

Anyway... The Rig 2015:

The Rig

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