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So I was fiddling around the IPMI, thinking about installing Windows Server 2012 R2, be like, why not install it via IPMI? Console redirect, then.... it lost response.

Now the IPMI originally has an IP, for some reasons it changes to automagically. So I drove to Hurricane Electric, reset the BMC, and...WTF MAC is 00-00-00-00-00-00

Well crap. But then I noticed one thing, the MAC and IP are fine seen in IPMI Web interface, but the IP setting won't stick. So I check the BIOS with last hope, then I remember:

[Unspecified] [Static] [Dynamic]

Mine was on [Static] with Mmmmm, it might be the problem. So I changed it to [Unspecified], then trying to change it in web interface.. Guess what, it works!

TL; DR: [Static] means static, [Unspecified] means you can change the IP in the web interface, [Dynamic] is DHCP.

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