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The deployment for OpenNebula is now expanded to 3 zones: Fremont in California, Dallas in Texas, and Berkeley Springs in West Virginia.

OpenNebula Federation

Nebula's layer 2 network is connected with OpenVPN tap. Yeah yeah yeah overhead and what not, but I found it more convenient.

During the process, I found that Intel's TSX crashes OpenNebula's daemon. "oned" requires pthread, but for some reasons the kernel screams and "traps" and "general protection ip" went off. Thus OpenNebula for Tetra is running in a VM with minimal CPU flags enable.

Right, specs. Tetra and Dragon are running ZFS for maximum awesomeness. Tetra is rocking a 4-disk RAID 10 with Intel 730 480GB, Xeon-D 1540, and 64GB of ram. Dragon is a Dell R320 system, with an E5-1410, 64GB of ram, but running a 3-disk RAIDZ with Toshiba 4TB drives. I know, RAIDZ is bad, but that's my best option right now.

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