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I think I spent at least two days searching for a perfect theme for Hexo. I've tried many of them but none of them is to my taste. Either it is too simple, or it is too complicated. Finally, I found a sort of perfect one: hexo-theme-next.

But... I don't like the layout. Time to:


Here I present you... Weightless


Source code: git.fm


  1. Responsive (by BassCSS)
  2. Tag clouds (Demo)
  3. Archives (Demo)
  4. (Full?) Site search powered by lunr.js
  5. Pagination (Because the built-in one is not to my expectation (aka broken) )


  1. Loading jQuery, modal, and other craps on demand (they load when you actually need them, such as Search)


  1. Categories page
  2. About page?
  3. Sorting archives page?
  4. Hide the fucking scrollbar in the code block
  5. "Back to Top"


  1. The default hexo-generator-lunr from npm does not index full text. I forked one to do full text.
Jan 28 2016

Koken is very nice for a photography CMS. Unfortunately, Koken went through a change of hands (now owned by NetObjects), and the new owner is not doing a very good job of continuing development.

The latest update(s) break migration. Whenever you log into /admin, it stucks on migration, and SQL is always on updating one record and doesn't stop.

Goodbye Koken. Hello Hexo.

Migration path:

  • /essays: Now powered by Hexo & git.fm
  • /albums: Writing a custom script with sharp to power the new platform
Weightless Theme
Rocking Basscss