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I don't usually post stuff about Economics on my blog, but as an economic student, and this strikes me:

Here's the gold holding by China:

Chinese Gold Holding

According to Mike Maloney, which by the way, this post was not sponsored by any means, but somehow I'm agreeing to his opinions. Not completely, but somewhat, that, the US Dollars is going to collapse, and the Chinese has forseen this coming. And according to him, gold is the only thing left that has intrinsic value, rather than fiat money (which is the Dollar).

And here's something from the IMF:

This is pre-2008 the crisis: IMF pre 2008

If you don't understand the "basket", look up "Currenecy Basket".

This is post-2008: IMF post 2008

Dramatic music please?

Of course, Disclaimer, I'm not trying to make you believe/listen to what I'm saying, nor that I have made you convinced that you should run out and buy gold. But as a member of the society, knowing more about something that you may or may not know is not necessary a bad thing, especially if the "unknown" can be explained and backed by facts.

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