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This is the aftermath of my clusterfuck from last time, where I bought 4x quad rank DDR4 for my client's Xeon-D deployment. Unfortunately, Xeon-D mobo only supports dual rank. Thus, none of the machines booted, then I realized, the part numbers are surprisingly similar.

Well, blame it all on me. I have to suck up the cost of the wrong memory (pass the return period).

But, I will not settle for this. Time for get an E5 platform that can actually support 256GB of quad rank memory. I was told that E5-1650v3 does not support LRDIMM memory. In all respect, I call this horseshit. When I plug 8x sticks of the 32GB LRDIMM, the system POST'ed.

Well, I happen to have a spare X540-T2 lying around, hooking it up to my Tigerfish, a 40TB ZFS array (Xeon-D as well) running FreeNAS.


Currently there is one zone running Varnish + nginx to serve Debian mirror stored on Tigerfish. Use this as your source: apt.mirror.sh

Import GPG key: http://apt.mirror.sh/gpg

Then, your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://apt.mirror.sh jessie main
deb-src http://apt.mirror.sh jessie main

This includes main, updates, and security.

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