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Update 1: E3-12xx v4 has a lead time of 4 weeks from Asia via ACME, no source via Superbiiz

So I've been looking at Paperspace.io and Sixa.io for virtual desktop solutions, and it does look very appealing. However, is it possible to run it in a home-lab environment?

Currently, I have a XenServer running on my E5-1650v3 node (256GB) and Apache Guacamole for vdi. I do want to enable some sort of GPU capabilities (like for my Jetson TX2 training, but I will use Sixa.io for now; my workstation has a very shitty support for Linux). Looking at XenServer's HCL, and Intel seems to be a promising solution...

However, Intel is being a stupid asshole. E3-15xx v5 are available only in BGA. (WTF?) and E3-12xx v4 are not available anywhere except very special order. I was able to find v5 but only in Asia (none available in North America). What the fuck?

But, the Skull Canyon NUC does have a Iris Pro processor and unofficially supported by XenServer...

Here's the pricing as of the time of the writing:


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